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  • I live in A far better state of mind than I used to be in
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Making it a goal to truly succeed in life
  • I am Getting rid of the toxic people in my life
  • ~Silverstream

    Ward marched with stealth side-by-side with Thor. They had to travel by foot to the capital building for subtlety's sake. Ward had a pistol strapped to his left hip, and an I.C.E.R. Pistol on his right. His mind was focused on his mission, but Thor started talking, interrupting him.

    "Do you do this a lot Agent Ward?" He asked, pulling his hood over his head and cinching the cord.

    Ward sighed. "Oh, every now and then. It's only my job," he said sarcastically.

    "So you know how this works I assume?" Thor was completely oblivious to the fact that each word out of his mouth was testing Ward's patience.

    "I should. Spent four years at the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy training, and spent another 10 going on missions. I'm pretty familiar."

    Thor nodded. "So how …

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  • ~Silverstream


    December 25, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    Sooooo I honestly couldn't decide which of these two fandoms to write about. So I took a crack at this... thing. ~Silv

    Nights in Gotham City never vary much. They're dark, they're cold, and there's crime. Yet, its citizens love them just the same. Poison Ivy, the protector of the greenery of the earth, found herself quietly content staring out the window of her apartment. She absentmindedly stroked a potted Christmas Cactus between her fingers, the plant leaning in to her touch.

    Ivy cocked her head as she heard a heavy crash atop the roof of her apartment. Under the assumption that it was simply a fight between a couple gang members, she tried to ignore it. However, she began to feel a familiar pull. The voice in the back of her head, drawin…

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  • ~Silverstream


    August 30, 2016 by ~Silverstream

    Harley: *alone in private quarters, stands over jewelry box, quietly depositing her rings into it*

    Joker: *swings open door and breathes out. Hair untidy* ...Closing time is such a chore....

    • responds with a murmur* Mh-Hm....
    • tilts head* .....You've been vague today, Honey..... really, really vague
    • turns head* ....Have I? *shrugs* the voices... They've just been loud lately. I think maybe I forgot ta' feed them...
    • gently closes door and locks it* That right there is an excuse if I ever I heard one *slowly steps towards her*
    • chuckles* I appreciate your concern.... But there's nothin' to be concerned about, I'm fine *walks over to bathroom and in front of a mirror, and takes hair out of ponytails*
    • walks to her back and places both hands on her shoul…
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