Before: The Prim gave life to Gan.

Before: Gan created The Dark Tower. The catalyst which creates the Macroverse.

Before: Maturin the Turtle, a force of good was engaged in conflict with IT, a force of Death.

? BC: IT crash lands on Earth in prehistoric times, planting himself in the ground that would become Derry, Maine.

1906: IT causes a mechanical failure at the Kitchener Ironworks in Derry. The death toll is large.

1910: The Overlook Hotel opens in Colorado.

1958: Jake Epping travels back in time to the town of Lisbon Falls, Maine.

1960: The Black Spot Club in Derry is consumed by a fire caused by a local group. Chef, Dick Halloran is uses his Shining ability to get everyone to safety, except one assailant who disappears.

1963: A Solar Eclipse occurs.

1963: Jake Epping attempts to halt the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas.

1966: Randall Flagg poses as the leader of a Vietnam War protest group, and slowly uses his influence to turn it into a violent, militant group.

1970: Delbert Grady, the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel loses his sanity, commencing a murder-spree.

1980: Jack Torrance becomes the winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel. He takes along his wife Wendy, and 5-year-old son Danny.

1987: The Losers Club of Derry, Maine fight IT, after the 27-year hibernation period ends.

2011: English Teacher Jake Epping discovers a time portal in the basement of a diner, enabling him to travel back to 1958.

2013: Danny Torrance uses his Shining power to assist those in need. He comes across a young girl who exhibits the same power as his.

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