New Gods

The History of DC's The New Gods. Originated by Jack Kirby, in the "Fourth World" series of comics beginning in 1971.


The Origins of the Universe and the Old GodsEdit

Before the universe, there was nothing but the Source. The Source was the progenitor of all, including the first two beings to come into existence. These two were Destiny and The Presence. Destiny was merely a witness to events, chained to his book and letting the universe play its course, as opposed to the all-powerful Presence. The Presence came to create the universe and all that would come to live in it. As he created, new concepts would appear, such as Life/Death, Imagination/Dream, Creation/Destruction, as well as many other concepts that would come to be known as "The Endless".

While the first locations to be created were Heaven and Hell, these existed on a heightened plane of existence. The first location to be created in our plane of existence was "Godworld". The home of the Old Gods, a race of giant and 'perfect' beings with heightened enlightenment and near-godlike powers. These Old Gods and their world were built by the universes closest connection to The Source, which manifested upon Godworld as a wall that could communicate by sending messages that appear as words engraved upon the wall.

The people of Godworld existed in peace and harmony, until the "War of the First World".

The Death of the Old and Birth of the NewEdit

Billions of years before the Dawn of Man on Earth, a war erupted on Godworld when the son of the then-ruler of the planet staged a coup against his father, causing a divide between the young and the aged of the planet. The war raged for many years, and became so destructive, it ended up destroying the planet, causing the event known as "The Godwave".

The destruction of Godworld and the ensuing Godwave led to two major events:

  • The remnants of Godworld drifting in space reformed as two neighbouring planets.
  • The Godwave seeded life around different parts of the universe, creating "The New Gods". Examples of these New Gods include: Zeus on the planet Earth, and the spiritual god Rama Kushna.

The New Gods were not nearly as powerful as The Old Gods in most cases, however they retained more subdued godlike powers. Not just the power to create and to destroy, but other kinds of abilities at their disposal. Eventually however, most of these New Gods died over time, as the non-powered races across the universe flourished, except one universal constant: The New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips.

Genesis, Apokolips and WarEdit

The two planets that had formed as a result of the destruction of Godworld were effected by the Godwave. New Gods birthed upon the twin planets, and were influenced by the landscapes around them. The planet of New Genesis was an uncorrupted natural paradise with only one major city on it. The citizens grew acting out of love, peace and passion, whilst those who grew on Apokolips became selfish and cruel. This divide between ways of life is what begun the never ending conflict between the corrupted people of Apokalips and the just people of New Genesis. One major reason as to why the despots of Apokolips hated the people of New Genesis was due to the fact that the planet was the one to retain the Source Wall, giving them a clear advantage over those on Apokolips.

However, the conflict did not effect the lifestyles of those on New Genesis, who were able to live out their days in eternal peace and harmony, the majority of them not having to fear their off-planet neighbors.

Treaty and TodayEdit

By near-modern times the conflict between the two planets became more and more dire and brutal, however the Ruler of New Genesis, "The Highfather" wished for the two planets to live in peace. He proposed a treaty that the ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid, would hand over his infant son Orion to be raised by Highfather as his own, whilst he would hand over his own son, Scot to be raised by Darkseid, and in doing so, bridge the two planets together, making mutual destruction against their own best interests. However, this peace did not last long.

Darkseid learnt of, and became increasingly hellbent on obtaining the Source Wall to learn the "Anti-Life Equation", a formula that would wipe out all in the universe except Darkseid and his people on Apokolips. Highfather, would task his adopted son, Orion to stop Darkseid in his quest for galactic destruction, despite never being told about his true parentage.

Mother BoxesEdit

Mother Boxes are living cube-shaped computers that exist on New Genesis.They're part living being, part highly developed machine. They look like small boxes, the size of a normal earth brick.

They were initially created by the scientist Himon using blueprints and ideas as communicated to him by The Source Wall. As such, the boxes are conduits for the Source to flow through, making them contain powers and abilities unique to their owner. These range from teleportation to energy manipulation. Each Mother Box gives its owner unconditional love and self-destruct when their owner dies. Mother Boxes have sacrificed themselves for causes they have believed in and are greatly respected by the people of New Genesis.

Mother Boxes could only be manufactured by a born either on New Genesis following the original blueprints, and the personal touches of each individual creator is what gives the Box its bond.


New GenesisEdit

  • Izaya the Highfather - Leader of New Genesis
  • Metron - The Genesian Controller of Knowledge
  • Orion - Genesian Champion
  • Himon - Head Genesian Scientist
  • Bekka - Lady and Genesian Guardsman
  • Solis - Genesian Guardsman


  • Darkseid - Ruler of Apokolips
  • Steppenwolf - Second in Command Ruler
  • Granny Goodness - Youth Trainer
  • Desaad - Chief Apokoliptian Scientist
  • Kalibak - Son of Darkseid
  • Grail - Daughter of Darkseid
  • Scot - Apokolyptian Resistance Member
  • Auralie - Apokolyptian Resistance Tactician
  • Barda - Darkseid Guardsman

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