• 1795: Henry Ravenswood is born in California.


• 1802: Martha Ravenswood nee-Coates is born in California.

• 1833: Elias Ravenswood is born in San Francisco.

• 1935: Lavinia Rose Nutterville is born.

• 1835: Harrison Hightower III is born in New York.

• 1837: Jake Evans is born in Grizzly Peak, California.

• 1840: Melanie Ravenswood is born in San Francisco.

• 1849: The town of Thunder Mesa, Texas, is founded.

• 1850: The Baltimore Gun Club is founded, in Baltimore, Maryland.

• 1858: Jake Evans moves to Thunder Mesa to work as an engineer.

• 1860: Henry and Martha Ravenswood die.

• 1887: Brianna Pearl is born in Main Street, Illinois.

• 1888: Janna Gibson is born in Main Street, Illinois.

• July 21 – August 2, 1899: New York based publisher Joseph Pulitzer raises the price of newspapers, causing the Newsies to go on a 2-week strike until a compromise is resolved.

• New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1899: World renowned adventurer Harrison Hightower III mysteriously disappears in an elevator of his hotel, while holding a supposedly cursed idol he obtained in Africa.


• 1907: The Ross-Ivarsson Arctic Expedition takes place.

• 1910: Janna Gibson first meets Gale Keegan.

• 1912: Hotel Hightower is reopened for mystery tours.

• 1913: The Baltimore Gun Club transitions to become The Blue Moon Company.

• July 16, 1915: Walter Gibbs is born.

• 1917: The Hollywood Tower Hotel opens.

• 1920: Medfield College of Technology is opened in the town of Medfield, Massachusetts.

• 1930: Timothy Keegan is born in Medfield, Massachusetts.

• 1932: Nina Eileen is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

• 1938: Pilot Cliff Secord finds an experimental rocket pack, using it to thwart a Nazi plot.

• October 31, 1939: A lightning bolt strikes the Hollywood Tower Hotel, causing 5 passengers in an elevator to be transported to the 5th Dimension.

• 1953: Timothy Keegan is expelled from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

• 1955: Nina Eileen first meets Timothy Keegan in Chicago.

• 1962: “The Ath Principle” is written and published by Timothy Keegan.

• July 22, 1975: Electronics company Encom is founded by Walter Gibbs.


• 2010: Extra-dimensional being Despoina is left in this universe, in the village of Wallern-Oxfrid, England.

• 2010: Despoina meets student Ollie Drummond in San Francisco.

• 2012: A member of the Keep lineage corners Despoina and Ollie in the extra-dimensional Museum of the Weird. As a result, Despoina becomes the “Mistress of All Evil”.

• 2027: Jarett Maston is born in America.

• 2028: The Neutrino War of America Begins.

• 2031: The Blue Moon Company opens its “Global Cosmic Research” division.

• 2037: The war ends when U.S. President Joseph Reed is assassinated by Keep Zealots.

• 2039: Geoffrey Bloomsberry is born in Coldred, England.

• 2042: Layla Laridian is born into a “Keep Coven” in Canada.

• 2067: Jeff Bloomsberry first meets Layla Laridian onboard. Moon: Base 7.

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